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07 January 2010 @ 11:22 am
I decided this would make it easier for me from the very start.

Please post all gathered information, screencaps, photos, videos, and links in their corresponding thread. If you can, try to keep the events with more info in order for me.

All set! You can start posting information when ever you have it ready for me. Please keep anything not to do with this post out of here. If you have questions or anything to add let me know, otherwise chat elsewhere. The cleaner this is the easier it will be for me. These boys have had a busy couple months!

Also: We do not need every photo from every event. Pick the best ones to sum up what happened.

Edit: As people remember other things to be included I will add them onto the end.

Edit: I appreciate everyone's hard work. I check in here quite often. I'm just not commenting so people can edit in as they find more things to include. Keep up the good work! Deadline tomorrow. If anyone needs more time let me know!